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British Columbia online resource

I wanted to quickly update the readers about Bounce Back, an eight year old program put on by the Province attempting to extend mental health care in BC. They recognized the gap in services, listened to the growing evidence for effective CBT online (equal outcomes to in-person), and grew their website and phone-based delivery service. […]
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An App for Mental Health

I have been thinking about an article I read and blogged on a month ago:  21st Century Psychiatry needs to embrace technology.  Fine. I’d like to proceed. Let’s start with apps. Apps on smartphones are personal advisors; I can think of no better opportunity to embed psychotherapy into the daily lives of my clients.  Vetting apps, […]
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A Reasonable 2016 Diet Book

This year a diet book was published that finally making sense.  Dr. David Ludwig takes a middle-of-the-road, scientifically sound, nuts and bolts approach to the obesity epidemic in our world:  It’s all about the fat cell.  An endocrinologist (hormone doctor) by trade, he sees “calories in-calories out” as an outmoded 19th Century idea; he prefers […]
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New data and a review on Zinc and Magnesium in Depression

I found this brief article quite reassuring that the psychiatric community is slowly beginning to embrace nutraceutical approaches to the treatment of depression.  I was astonished to read that a trial of Magnesium was equal to Imipramine (although at a low dose). In this new world of client-directed medicine, wise use of lifestyle modifications can […]
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Sugar in your food, a NYT interactive that may surprise you…

Light therapy

Light therapy is an excellent option for depression, regardless of season, and has a response rate comparable to pills. This article reviews some issues to consider and offers great link to earlier studies on light therapy. The best website I know of that covers this treatment is The article:

Saturated fats hit hard by Harvard: coconut oil may be a waning fad.

Omega-3 and Omega 6; Neuroprotection

Omega 3 Scores This website is user friendly and helps you choose a healthy diet that is anti-inflammatory and hence beneficial to your mental wellbeing (i.e. neuroinflammatory model of psychiatric disease).– Wiggers I have been writing off and on about diet and mental health, and this is my final word on the matter to this […]
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Essential Fatty Acids and the brain; Omega3s

We consume fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.  The perfect ratio is not agreed upon by the medical community, which causes no end of grief to the average person trying to eat well.  I am as confused as the rest of you.  You can talk about diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, or dementia; the advice about what […]
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Lifestyle Medicine- The Ornish Diet: an Oldie but Goodie

Dr. Dean Ornish, a respected medical researcher and physician, first showed how a comprehensive lifestyle can reverse heart disease and, specifically,  reverse the narrowing of arteries supplying the heart.  His landmark study was in 1988. Over the past twenty plus years, he has developed an industry.  It is not yet in Canada, and so the […]
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