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Vitamin D Screening and Supplementation in Primary Care I hope the reader can access this article. Basically, it says that Vitamin D is overblown, massively, 100 fold over 10 years and for no good reason. It sounds like you have to be very careful at or above 4000 Iu a day, and probably scant evidence it does any good. It increases risk […]
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High Energy Breakfast Diet is an Effective Strategy for Weight Loss and Reduction of the Total Daily Insulin Dose in Type 2 Diabetes!/4482/presentation/6407 Case to eat like a king in the morning and a pauper in the evening.

Psych News Alert: Study Challenges Halting Antipsychotics in Stabilized Patients With Schizophrenia After Several Years This study is strong indication to keep people on antipsychotics indefinitely! Reduces mortality risk, studied up to 16 years.

Alterations of serum macro-minerals and trace elements are associated with major depressive disorder: a case-control study | BMC Psychiatry | Full Text Fascinating article in reputable journal arguing for mineral deficiencies as a way to understand and treat depression. Might mean reconsidering supplementation studies. Another article (of several) looking at psychiatric illness and micronutrients. Seems plausible, safe, and well tolerated. This study was with children. Still I need to be clear that these results SHOULD […]
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The Clinical Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Lamotrigine in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial: American Journal of Psychiatry: Vol 0, No 0 Bad news for borderline personality disorder and lamictal; this was a negative study!

Use of lithium and cancer risk in patients with bipolar disorder: population-based cohort study. – PubMed – NCBI Amazingly, Lithium inhibits glycogen synthase, an enzyme used in cancer; therefore, lithium lowers the risk of cancer in bipolar disorder, by an average of 25%. Not bad

Switching Antidepressants May Boost Suicide Risk in Elderly Outcome of this Scandanavian study is clear: over 75 year old patients need to be very very slowly switched, if at all, on their antidepressants. Plus, use of anxiety and sleep medications at the same time increased risk even further! Caution.

Lowering Antipsychotic Dose Can Improve Symptoms in Schizophrenia Guideline: if stabilized in hospital on 10mg Olanzapine or Risperdal 4mg, can function well x next year on 5mg and 2mg respectively with no increase risk of relapse! Less side effects, good outcomes. Good to consider.

Future Role for Neuroimaging in Tracking Relapse in Major Depressive Disorder

This is the beginning of 21st century treatment of depression: I am hopeful we can find cortical structures that have been shrunk (i.e. in a way, injured) by a severe depression, in order to neuromodulate them (with rTMS, ECT, or TCMS) to repair it. — This message was sent by via Please […]
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Psych News Alert: Patients With Early Psychosis May Benefit From App on How to Cope With Symptoms