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Depression Presentation


J Clin Psychiatry/Ketamine for Depression, 1: Clinical Summary of Issues Related to Efficacy, Adverse Effects, and Mechanism of Action Great ketamine summary

Intranasal Ketamine Succeeds for Resistant Depression Timeline for S-ketamine intranasal spray, (Janssen), could file for product release by end of the year. Great hype. Low side effects. Good Phase 3 trial data released this month. We are hopeful to use it within 1 year? Game changer? Biggest psychopharma intro in 50 years? Lots of hype…

Long-term effects of pre-birth exposure to anti-depressants 12 years later — ScienceDaily

ECT Can Be Considered Earlier for Severe Depression, Expert Says | Psychopharmacology This is a landmark study for treatment of depression: They are now moving the benchmark to third line treatment for ECT; that is, after two failed trials of two antidepressants or one antidepressant and one psychotherapy, patient would go on to ECT. This is very aggressive, but the projected models show distinct improvement in […]
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Targeting Safety Behaviors in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: A Case Study of False Safety Behavior Elimination Treatment: American Journal of Psychotherapy: Vol 0, No 0 This five-session protocol seems perfect for a busy practice like mine, in which a precise and direct approach to anxiety might forestall any unnecessary use of pills. I am intrigued and contacted the author for more info.

Genetic Test Identifies Best Antidepressant

May 8, 2018 A link to the following Medscape article was sent to you by: joris wiggers May need replcation Genetic Test Identifies Best Antidepressant Medscape Medical News, 2018-05-05 WebMD, LLC 825 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10019

Link between crystal methamphetamine and immune changes in HIV — ScienceDaily

Psychiatric News Update on ADHD protocol APA 2018, new ADHD protocol, amazingly, allows us to use methylphenidate and amphetamines in previously controversial patients: schizophrenia, bipolar, and stimulant addiction!

Neuroanatomical phenotypes in mental illness: identifying convergent and divergent cortical phenotypes across autism , ADHD and schizophrenia – Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience