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Chief complaint: Homicidal. Assessing violence risk | MDedge Psychiatry your patient likely to become violent?

Examining cognition across bipolar schizophrenia spectrum

NAC for schizophrenia shows good results in a replication study; the theory and data are coming through.

Effects of 12-month, double-blind N-acetyl cysteine on symptoms, cognition and brain morphology in early phase schizophrenia spectrum disorders Schizophrenia Research — | March 28, 2018 Breier A, et al. – Given that N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) mitigates the deleterious effects oxidative stress, inflammation and glutamatergic excitotoxicity (the three pathological processes hypothesized to contribute to progressive brain […]
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Recommend high CBD, low THC products to marijuana-using patients with psychosis

This is interesting for us in BC. Turns out CBD works like antipsychotics. See this link for further conversation.

Virtual reality–based CBT may improve social participation in psychosis

Dutch study: Fascinating form of therapy using VR shows efficacy in schizophrenia/psychotic disorders, after 16 sessions, in virtual conversations with avatars. AVATAR project in UK yields similar results.

Birth of the Developmental Risk Factor Model of Psychosis

This is a excellent state of the art summary of our understanding of schizophrenia. Very interesting conclusion: we need to stop high potency cannabis from getting into the hands of teens. That is the primary intervention best suited to prevent schizophrenia from increasing in our society. GP screening for minor psychotic symptoms plus social dysfunction, […]
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Researchers identify 74% of schizophrenia cases via brain scan data – Schizophrenia Journey Researchers identify 74% of schizophrenia cases via brain scan data An intense search for a reliable biomarker takes a new turn. An intense search for a reliable biomarker takes a new turn. In the race for a reliable schizophrenia biomarker, researchers say they’ve made significant progress toward developing a way to use brain scans […]
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Urine testing in schizophrenia monitors adherence to treatment

A link to the following article(s) has been sent to you by Joris (joriswiggers). Clinical Consensus Recommendations for Urine Testing of Adherence to Antipsychotics Among People With Serious Mental Illness Thank you for using! Sincerely, American Psychiatric Association Publishing 1000 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1825 Arlington, VA 22209 1-800-368-5777, 703-907-7322 psychiatryonline

The Great Cannabis Psychosis Debate takes one step further

I was in a roundtable discussion with some fellow psychiatrists debating the connection between cannabis and schizophrenia. There are as many opinions on the subject as there are shades of grey. As with most scientific endeavors, the investigation into the putative link between cannabis and psychosis is one of slow progress, setbacks, and breakthroughs. This […]
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Neurotic, Borderline, or Psychotic: The great diagnostic challenge

This article points out that not everybody who hallucinates or is paranoid has schizophrenia. Thus, there is considerable hope for those with borderline personality disorder and psychotic symptoms, who will slowly mature out of the condition and eventually be free of intense emotions and psychosis. This is a public, open source article.;source%7CJournals;ttl%7C1428898346779;payload%7CmY8D3u1TCCsNvP5E421JYPPlNl9ZUXrQDsjmMHeXqBgfxP56d5BAis+WhfSrPR1S6lcHrAT5WTvTkrI7Jc1zUq2UlEn8N1x7qr2heZXbSZE2/LnQkUnbAwLtuHlqxiruZhFwwtFf4aeU4rMgwns+8TDbNbAkOUlffcIt0OqswFvWf97qU1+XR+GRM7R1S2drJjlMZyk5umnCyX0ZsO+WQO3OqrC6kWZHGFmwsUyPoy3TkarWdvvy6Y+Y2j71uz08ZT48Kq4FnoD9k2sZ/f2+VtLuq7uoIKDiRliJeppVX+rw4UyT+wiUZhSlAJO7dAyjR9vmyVAWVtaC6WwAPrLYreszSV1KWThE7hh6oMJQ6lmjEbXKC+gaal/PsKlfuCcwBrUqJIORKZEJNXxZBdgr3PQsdpBR5D41VaEH2MOCVFQOReXo4fsg/YHzlI735ThKGKWml7j5Rn+50uie6sSdJqjf0QLWOa0q+IPzv3lP9DbtjtVBzj37I05+xyFEQYy8hkPvrHfu33uPvCYtoLj6J9uZawa0r/hG4jNiOlz9FC7GJdeYruj0bK5VQBSvsgdY/dBIMeG3lNTXUCUcvJSluK0aGIw6Dz6nHkcE/3S4anFLYlT+riIYTCGiEX23hvUO;hash%7CW6kfgpSkPgjYCuMuRsad1w== Psychotic_symptoms_in_patients_with_borderline.21.pdf