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The Great Cannabis Psychosis Debate takes one step further

I was in a roundtable discussion with some fellow psychiatrists debating the connection between cannabis and schizophrenia. There are as many opinions on the subject as there are shades of grey. As with most scientific endeavors, the investigation into the putative link between cannabis and psychosis is one of slow progress, setbacks, and breakthroughs. This […]
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Neurotic, Borderline, or Psychotic: The great diagnostic challenge

This article points out that not everybody who hallucinates or is paranoid has schizophrenia. Thus, there is considerable hope for those with borderline personality disorder and psychotic symptoms, who will slowly mature out of the condition and eventually be free of intense emotions and psychosis. This is a public, open source article.;source%7CJournals;ttl%7C1428898346779;payload%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;hash%7CW6kfgpSkPgjYCuMuRsad1w== Psychotic_symptoms_in_patients_with_borderline.21.pdf

The gut microbiome and diet in psychiatry

The basics: The mind and body are greatly effected by the trillions of microbes which dwell within your gut. Eat well, use probiotics and prebiotics, and thus foster the growth of beneficial organisms in your intestines. Keep a healthy intestinal lining (with a healthy, high fiber diet): This will keep the toxic products of pathogenic organisms within […]
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Minocycline for Schizophrenia – Full Text View –

Now this could be a game changer. With growing evidence that major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression are linked to neuroinflammation, new treatments targeting this are emerging. Now, this study is accepting recruits–in Ethiopia–and is unlikely to directly benefit Canadians.  That said, if it is positive, it will be a […]
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Mortality Risk High for Dementia Patients Taking Antipsychotics, Study Finds from Psychiatric News Alert

The Voice of the American Psychiatric Association and the Psychiatric Community sent you this article, saying: I thought this would interest you! Mortality Risk High for Dementia Patients Taking Antipsychotics, Study Finds Researchers from the University of Michigan Health System say that though antipsychotic medications are associated with increased mortality in older adults, little […]
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Medscape: The Gut Microbiome and Diet in Psychiatry: …

I found this online.  I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.  Your mood is greatly influenced by the bacteria in your intestines!  There are ten times more microbes in your intestines than there are cells in your body.  Go figure!       A link to the following Medscape article was sent […]
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Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) maintains an important position along the treatment pathway for refractory, chronic depression.  Typically ECT is reserved for more difficult to treat depressive disorders, and it has a higher rate of success than antidepressants.  The problem of ECT lies with in its high relapse rate within six months.  Continuation ECT is one solution, in which an […]
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Latest understanding of Depression and Stress

An original article appeared this month in the psychiatric literature which reviewed our current understanding of the stress response system (the HPA:  hypothalamic pituitary axis).  The research group was looking for genetic variations in the HPA to see if there was a link to depression. The brain has widely distributed receptors for a hormone called […]
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Schizophrenia and Bipolar genetics: One Surprise and One Confirmation

This month, a very sophisticated genetic study took a look at the differentiation  of psychotic disorders from controls.  They looked at both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  They looked at which genes were more active in brain tissue, and  correlated this to a history of psychosis.  Specifically, they looked at increased gene activity, as a reflection […]
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A complicated blog entry about genes causing neuropsychiatric disorders

Summary  of a Molecular Psychiatry (#1 psychiatry journal) article . Topic: CNV (copy number variants) and genotype and phenotype Translation:  Gene deletions or repeats in the DNA change the DNA sequence (genotype) and result in different manifestations (traits) in people (phenotype) The current state of affairs/ 2013 It looks like there are several theories why […]
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