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Chief complaint: Homicidal. Assessing violence risk | MDedge Psychiatry your patient likely to become violent?

Methamphetamine use and future risk for Parkinson’s disease: Evidence and clinical implications – Drug & Alcohol Dependence basically, its a real problem: Watch for PD emergence in former meth addiction.

Link between crystal methamphetamine and immune changes in HIV — ScienceDaily

Recommend high CBD, low THC products to marijuana-using patients with psychosis

This is interesting for us in BC. Turns out CBD works like antipsychotics. See this link for further conversation.

Latest guidelines for treating Alcohol Use Disorder with medications.

Citations from the article as below, in summary: Naltrexone and acamprosate are recommended to treat patients with moderate to severe alcohol use disorder in specific circumstances (e.g., when nonpharmacological approaches have not produced an effect or when patients prefer to use one of these medications). Topiramate and gabapentin are also suggested as medications for patients […]
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Mentalization-Based Treatment: A Common-Sense Approach to Borderline Personality Disorder | Psychiatric Times

I wanted to have this readily available: Peter Fonagy, a respected psychoanalyst in the UK has worked very hard in the recent ten years to substantiate the efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder. This is his effort. Well worth reading it, as it applies broadly I think to other areas of psychological experience. […]
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The Great Cannabis Psychosis Debate takes one step further

I was in a roundtable discussion with some fellow psychiatrists debating the connection between cannabis and schizophrenia. There are as many opinions on the subject as there are shades of grey. As with most scientific endeavors, the investigation into the putative link between cannabis and psychosis is one of slow progress, setbacks, and breakthroughs. This […]
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