Lifestyle Medicine- The Ornish Diet: an Oldie but Goodie

Dr. Dean Ornish, a respected medical researcher and physician, first showed how a comprehensive lifestyle can reverse heart disease and, specifically,  reverse the narrowing of arteries supplying the heart.  His landmark study was in 1988.

Over the past twenty plus years, he has developed an industry.  It is not yet in Canada, and so the full program is unavailable to us.  However, his website, linked below, has all the particulars of his proposed lifestyle changes: nutrition, fitness, stress management, and love&support.

I am pretty impressed with the website, and with some poking around, you can find recipes, specific guidelines for what to eat, how often to exercise, methods of stress managment, and all the research articles he’s published since 1988.

Explore the tabs: lifestyle medicine, program resources, and the video library.


Have fun! I’m trying it, and it doesn’t seem that difficult.


Ornish Spectrum website

Best wishes,

Joris Wiggers