A Reasonable 2016 Diet Book

This year a diet book was published that finally making sense.  Dr. David Ludwig takes a middle-of-the-road, scientifically sound, nuts and bolts approach to the obesity epidemic in our world:  It’s all about the fat cell.  An endocrinologist (hormone doctor) by trade, he sees “calories in-calories out” as an outmoded 19th Century idea; he prefers terms like insulin, glucagon, cellular homeostasis,  or set-point.  Citing good, solid research, he convinces the reader to think differently:  stop counting and starting listening to your body’s hunger mechanism–rendered out of whack by our high-carbohydrate diets–and eat to be satisfy normal hunger not cravings.  It is very simple, and his website is user-friendly gives you all the information readily.  The resources and downloads tab has charts, meal plans,shopping lists, etc., all that you need.

I tried it myself to see:  I think it works well.

Try it.