Web-based interventions work for treatment of depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

I am compiling some recognized, reputable, free or affordable, evidence-based Internet-based programs that individuals can use to get treatment for mental health without seeking out a therapist, which may be a scarce resource in their local community–or, may be an unaffordable option.

These sites are worth visiting, and by the way, I have no personal, financial, or other interest in any of these programs;  I just know they have worked for several of my clients, now.

I have recently posted on the use of the Internet as a part of the new Digital Age for psychiatry, and so this post is the natural follow-on.

For depression:  Mood Gym

For anxiety, stress: Ecouch

For insomnia: Shut-i

A recent article released on JAMA Psychiatry this week adds to the support for Shut-i.