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A list of things to do: The Pleasant Events Schedule.

Well, this version appears to be from the standard work of Dialetical Behaviour Therapy, and from what I can tell, it is put on a repository website, dbtselfhelp.com, for public consumption. I think I am in the spirit of the website by linking to it, and including this KEY page. When you are down…..it’s hard […]
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Activity Chart

Courtesy of CBIS Manual, June 2009, British Columbia  (link to document here)

Stop Depressive Thinking! Catch the error of your ways

Here is a very nice, concise review from the CBIS Manual of very common cognitive thinking errors.  The theory goes, if you change how your think, you change how you feel. In my opinion, this is solid gold.  It is bang on, and very helpful. If you are ever vigilant, constantly watching how you react […]
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Other Ways to Relax and Get though Intense Distress, and Links: The Basics

GROUNDING EXERCISE! Purpose • Grounding is a calming and centering method that helps you to become more focused in your body and on the present moment. It reminds you of your strength and ability to cope in the present. Process • Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands […]
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Relaxation is all in your breath, of course

Abdominal Breathing Exercise Purpose • Your breathing is directly related to the level of tension you carry in your body. • I f you breathe shallowly, in your chest, you will become more tense and more anxious. This kind of breathing stimulates the sympathetic branch of your nervous system, which is connected to the “fight, […]
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Depression: DYI Part II

I briefly attach a complete manual designed in British Columbia to facilitate better mental health service delivery by family doctors in the province. It is a stand alone manual with all the key skills to get a person out of depression and back on track.  There are modules for relaxation, activation, thinking differently (cognition), and […]
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