Propranolol Combined With Reactivation Therapy May Reduce PTSD Symptoms | Psychiatric News

This DB/RCT study: 1mg/kg LA propranolol plus 0.67mg/kg regular propranolol taken 1 hour before a session in which they read aloud a present tense one-page narrative of a traumatic event which included at least five bodily sensations selected from their checklist; They did this six times in six weeks. The findings were significant—the propranolol group had a much better outcome, with up to 56% reduction in PCL-S symptoms. The findings lasted on a six month follow-up.

” Adults with PTSD who actively recalled their traumatic event under the influence of propranolol once a week, for up to six weeks, reported a substantial decrease in PTSD symptoms compared with participants who took placebo. This decrease was evident from both the perspective of the patient and clinician.” (American J. Psychiatry, 2018).

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