Sleep is Key

I have copy and pasted the CBIS manual handout on Sleep Habits for your review.

Healthy Habits for Sleeping

Depression often causes a disruption in sleep patterns. Poor sleep contributes to

daytime fatigue, low energy, irritability, decreased concentration and increased

depression. If sleep is a problem for you, practice the following tips.

• Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday regardless of how poorly you slept.

• If you have not fallen asleep after 20 minutes, get up and do something relaxing

or boring until you feel sleepy, then try again.

(Repeat if necessary throughout the night).

• Use relaxation exercises or repetitive mental activity (i.e. counting backwards) to promote sleep.

• Avoid naps.

• Create a good sleep environment, preferably a cool, dark, quiet room. Earplugs, eyeshades and white noise may be helpful.

• Develop a bedtime route. Try a warm bath 90 minutes before bed.

• Save your bedroom for sleep, sickness and sex.

• Get fresh air and exercise regularly, preferably daily, but not within a few hours before bedtime.

• Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco in the evening, and maybe even the afternoon.

• Have a light snack (milk, bananas or peanut butter are good choices) but avoid eating a large meal close to bedtime.

• Avoid sleeping medication, including over the counter aids, unless prescribed by your doctor.


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