Next chapter on antidepressants in Bipolar Disorder, A surprise!

Shvartzman Y, et al. – This trial was formulated in order to compare the rehospitalization rates of patients with bipolar disorder (BD)-I depressive episode who were discharged with mood stabilizers (MSs) and/or atypical antipsychotics (AAPs) with or without adjunctive antidepressants (ADs). Data unveiled a lower rate of and a longer time to rehospitalization due to adjunctive-AD therapy to MS/AAP at discharge from BD-I depressive episode hospitalization during a 1-year follow up period.

Six-months and 1-year rehospitalization rates were significantly lower in the adjunctive-AD treatment group compared to the no-AD group (9.2% vs. 36.4%, P = .001, power = 0.87 and 12.3% vs. 42.4%, P = .001, power = 0.89, respectively).

Read the full article on European Neuropsychopharmacology

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