Association between Bipolar and Borderline Personality features (BPF)

“Of the nine BPF, affective instability, impulsivity, and self-mutilation/suicidality showed a clear relationship to overall mood episode frequency,” according to an article published online in the International Journal of Bipolar Disorders. The nine borderline personality features include avoiding abandonment, interpersonal instability, identity disturbance, self-mutilation/suicidality, affective instability, chronic emptiness, intense anger, paranoid & dissociation, and impulsivity.

Also: Mood episode does not affect diagnosis of BPD using the PDQ-4+ (Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire-4); number of episodes in the next year correlated with number of current BPF.

For complete information, see:

Riemann G, Weisscher N, Post RM, et al. The relationship between self-reported borderline personality features and prospective illness course in bipolar disorder. [Published online ahead of print September 25, 2017]. Int J Bipolar Disord. Accessed November 7, 2017.

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