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More about Lithium

In his methodical and enthusiastic review of Lithium, Dr. Wise Young, paints a rosy picture of this misunderstood and feared element.  As I wrote in a previous post, Lithium appears to be more beneficial than we realize. His article is very heady and difficult to read:  it is a recitation of hundreds of research studies […]
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Lithium’s Neuroprotective Effects | Psychiatric Times

Lithium’s Neuroprotective Effects | Psychiatric Times.   Well, this is a spectacular reversal!  We have always worried about Lithium causing “brain damage,” right?  It’s toxic, you say, and it’s bad for the brain!  Well, I have been hearing a different tune for the past 5-7 years:  Lithium is neuroprotective.  That means it helps the brain […]
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